1. From the doc; ” PROOF OF VACCINATION: Vaccination records can also provide proof of vaccination status for
    purposes not related to health care.”

    No thanks billy boy.

  2. Any second Grade student will tell you the same thing. The problem We face are the multitude of CORRUPT so called Judges who are in their pockets, and who are protecting them. The whole American Justice system seem to have become rotten apples.

  3. this is why i dont understand how real born again children of God can take the jab,if u are a real believer His hand of protection overcomes any vaccine jab,when u take it and say u are born again u are slapping God in his face, i am protected by the blood of Jesus Christ

  4. @ anthonygermany:
    I do not understand how a racist/fascist like you can call themselves a Child of God!

  5. @ anthonygermany:
    Oh. When Jesus was murdered you thought you would be saved by his blood. Horrible thought = shared by truly horrible people…that practice horrible things….

  6. @Viv. Biblical quotes. “When you go to the land of the heathen, destroy them, for if you don’t, you will become like them and start to worship their gods”.
    “God hates the heathen with a perfect hatred”.

  7. There is some strange news coming out of the UK. Has Boris started closing the Gates of hell in the UK…..?…No more mandatory mask wearing and forced vaccination, and also (not from Boris) all jab centers to be closed due to a crime case that was opened. Market Harborough police are informed of an international CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the global and national vaccine rollout, thus during an investigation all vax centers
    must stop operating until the case is resolved.
    All politicians, media, doctors, vaccinators, civil servants, bureaucrats have been put on notice to CLOSE vaccination centres. Crime reference number 6029679/21
    International crime court case number OPT-CR-473/21
    If that can happen (if true????) then the same case number can be used in all common wealth countries, including Australia?


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