1. If the drains were properly maintained this would not happen…thank you ANC

  2. but that flooding happens regularly, we’ve seen so many times such videos,in 2019 we saw how close to the airport such flooding,how big trucks got swept away, people sittin on top of taxis, yes lots has to do with blocked drains but lots also due to poor planning by apartheid government also of allowing people to build houses in low lying areas,look in George,,,, those houses are built in dips or low laying areas –its natural flooding is going to happen, same as in Welkom, houses were built in dips, every time it rained those houses flooded, and then you still got people building next door and so on and on,,

  3. this is god,s work people have lost fyd in god all over the world ,they take the vaccines of the devil and for get about him !!!

  4. We also had a very heavy downpour in Alberton. Today doesn`t look good either.

    Scott, Rudi……..why must I sign in everytime?

  5. to lazy to clean unblock storm drains mmmmm IQ MAYBE AROUND 58..just wait till the old mines fill up and all the poison water flows in to town. anc can not even unblock their thief mind

  6. its natural one must sign in every time, at any site after mostly 15 minutes of not using it, it automatically logs you out, FB is same,, if you just go out and you go into FB the next day you must log in again,

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