1. @ Edward Barlow:
    Their crimes have been going on for centuries. The people at the top have been creaming off of their lies, They are a shame!

  2. Mop top Boris…how did he get voted in as prime minister in the first place. A green tie with a blue suit….really. And now he is running scared with court cases looming. Let’s see if Australia and South Africa follow the same narrative

  3. he was the only next best choice to get voted in,,,,,, there was no one else to bring in,same as in South Africa– Rama was only next one available,

  4. and then Macron wants again all Schengen countries to implement vaccine passes again,total different view again—small man syndrome

  5. It is obvious he is just playing for time and when the 5 g fake Marburg strikes in a few week’s time, he will have all the health institutions behind him as to enforce new lockdowns,,,,,, and gone is his ‘temporary’ retrieve. The marburg is created via the micro waves acting on the GO and tearing the blood vessels apart by thrashing and acting like a chainsaw in action. The marburg can also ‘become’ ebola showing the same affects or even other related diseases. They have a wide spectrum of MEDICAL WEAPONS LINED UP.
    They want Boris to keep his position because of their SECRET RELATIONSHIPS and if Boris is kicked out, he will kick back.

  6. I wonder who mated an English Sheedog to create a Boris. 👈———not an English name!

  7. @ Optimal Primus:
    I’m just saying his hair have same texture as a dog’s. No wonder he didn’t comb it.

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