1. Hi Scott. It appears that even the blood’banks are influenced by the WHO. It doesn’t take a scientist, but logic and someone with brains and comon sence to realize that blood from a vaccinated person isn’t safe. If the spike protein sheds and gets passed on, it’s obvious to me that their blood is not safe and CANNOT be used for transfution? At least that’s the way I see it.

  2. Zee —oh yes its logic ,if the jab contains spike protein and its causing so much harm its just logic for me that its in the donated blood also, if HIV is in the blood when u have Aids surely spike protein must also be in the blood, why then is it causing so much harm to the body, its must be in the organs

  3. How do they get all that coagulated blood down a thin needle. Even if they do they will have a bag of jelly.

  4. anything from the WESTERN CAPE in particular must be revoked rebuked denied castigated spurned and REJECTED – EVEN THE DONATED BLOOD ! its all filthy new world order alan winde filth and steenhuizen filth… let THEM vax themselves to death. THE BLOOD IS CONTAMINATED AFTER THE POISON VILE VACCINE – PERIOD – IT CONTAINS GRAPHENE OXIDE, SM-102 , ACL 135 , GLYCO ETHELYNE – please ALAN WINDE and JOHN STEENHUIZEN…GO TAKE YOUR SECOND JAB AND A BOOSTER. then we will hear about the stale cliche – you died from ” covid complications ” bullshit !! thats another term for BEING KILLED BY AN ILLEGAL VACCINE … go on i challenge you prove this wrong , you cant and nor can that SICK PROFESSOR KARIM either.

  5. @ Bingoboy:

    That’s a strange user name, but now I understand why you have it.
    What you have just said had me screaming –



  6. I don’t even have peace about donating any more, who says that needle is not soaked in EO… (Ethyl Oxide)? If they are not telling the truth to the poor recipients who are already in a bad way are they telling the truth to me? Our family has some O blood types in it and we will just donate within ourselves or die as God wills it from now on. I have been a donor since 1985 on and off but i cannot continue, even though I have huge compassion for the ill people who might need my help.

  7. Once again we’ve all got STUPID written across our foreheads!!! It’s all just so obvious and doesn’t take much brain matter to work out that ‘they’re’ playing mind games with us! Our God reigns!! He will deal with you!!

  8. If you need blood and are not vaccinated, make an arrangement to get blood from an un-vaccinated family member if possible.

    Allowing people to donate blood after receiving the toxic experimental drug will be a crime.

  9. Unfortunately all my friends and only family close by are vaccinated! If you do not die of one ailment, you will die of another


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