1. niehaus best run off back to Nederland again like in the 1980s where he asked for asylum. niehaus the White mk clown on the run living large spouting marxist terrorist rhetoric in between joints of zol. These types know far too much about the interworking of the anc theft machine and long lists of names dates. will niehaus be poisoned or shot soon. his numbers up. bang

  2. Carl Niehaus is ‘n draadsitter!!!! They must all fall like he has. He sides where his bread is buttered the thickest.

  3. Carl chickenshit Niehaus…… what a LIMP BISCUIT. Finally the bubble may have popped and he can see exactly the ILK hes been pussyfooting up to all these years – the fact that he laid charges means he was privy to the information all along yet did nothing until his own backside got burnt, what an upstanding noble gent of note, now the “honourable” imbecile acts out of malice, loss , revenge and pure hatred for the very people he arselicked all the way from the 80,s to 2021. NIEHAUS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAKES OUT. NO INTEGRITY NO MORAL FIBRE JUST A DIRTY DOG. Makes one want to PUKE. GO ROT IN hell WITH YOUR POPPED BUBBLE SYNDROME.

  4. Anc workers have said thy not going to be able to work at polling stations as they dont have the money for transport

  5. Remember Jesus chose 12 disciples and one was a devil. He knew it.
    Jesus gave him enough rope to hang himself. Jesus allowed Judas to betray him.
    Jesus said in advance what will happen and the same with Pete who ran away and said that he does not know “that man” Jesus.
    The Bible comes alive right in front of us every day – we must just open our eyes and be Watchmen on The Wall.


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