1. such a lot of information but i didn’t hear anything,, yes she right but we are not going to be able to change anything,,, it’s gone so far,, the world is controlled by one force and its money, its gone to far,, Gold controls so much, we are watched by big tech,, that’s why i leave my cellphone at home as much as i can,or i have to phones, the one i use for bank transactions and other one for chatting,, i know both are controlled, but it helps somewhat doing it that way, or i think so,hehehhehehehehe ,,, best stays to go draw cash and pay cash i think,

  2. We will be forced into a cashless society . Even now many shops will not take cash because of the fear of Covid contamination. A car salesman told me that cash does not talk anymore. They no longer discount for cash payments. They prefer you to take out a loan or higher purchase agreement.

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