1. I could remember a story like this of a research center off the coast of Florida in America, that were doing the same and that was like 12 years ago.

  2. Know ye that the Lord he is God:
    It is he that hath made us,
    and not ourselves…

    Psalms 100:3

  3. The devil can not copy The Creator, OUR GOD. The devil will be punished by GOD. That picture is a copy of how the devil looks like. Time is running out for this corrupt evil humans with their scientistic playgrounds.

  4. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is deadly and many people have recently found that out the hard way.

    Yes @ Viv: they are sick beastiality loving freaks.

  5. wasn’t it atlantis that was destroyed for the same thing-or so the story goes. these things belong to the creator not humans(my opinion). people that dismiss this should not read very old books-

  6. I hate to comment on this because it directly goes against my faith in One Creator and God Almighty.
    These lab creature will have no spirit. God only blew His SPIRIT into the HUMAN that He created.
    Think about it !! If God EVER allows this to happen where people are messing around with human and animal DNA, what we will see is from the pit of Hell. That is it.
    The CERN project was a complete flop and disaster that cost billions upon billions of dollars that could have feed the whole of Africa for a long time.
    People (???) should stop playing God, even if they are atheists and unbelievers.

    Dit is slegs God se genade en liefde wat hierdie wereld nog in stand hou en die aarde om sy as laat draai.
    Mense vergeet geriefliksheid halwe wat met Sodom en Gomora en met Noag se vloed gebeur het.
    Daar gaan weer ‘n dag kom dat God rekenskap gaan eis van elkeen wat ooit op hierdie aarde is en was en SY oordeel daaroor gaan uitspreek.
    Ons moet nou ons regkry vir die DAG. Morê kan dalk te laat wees.
    Where are the millions of so-called Christians to let their voice be heard against this devil onslaught against humanity??????????

  7. this is all end times of the Bible,,, Jesus is coming soon,, His second coming is close, Look to the heavens from were our help from comes,

  8. These people who like playing God will burn in hell forever. There must be a special place in hell for them where they will be punished much harder than the ordinary sinner

  9. Probably we will ultimately have to redesign the UN where the votes are counted by regions instead of countries. This will dilute the ability of all these little micro-countries to always outvote us to get benefits from richer regions or undermine us from jealousy…

    Then we must redesign the Human Rights portion of the UN and make these sorts of genetic experiments (one of which created Covid 19) a human rights violation where we can hold the leaders and countries personally liable…


  10. The day of reckoning will come! Mark my words! They will be accountable!
    There will be no way of escape for these people as they scream for the mountains to cover them!
    As they beg for mercy, kneeling before the Throne of God’s wrath. It will be too late for them then and they will be banished into an eternal lake of fire where there evil works will go up in smoke forever!
    The outcome is clear…evil WILL NOT PREVAIL!!!
    To God be the Glory!!!


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