1. Zuma will Zoon be in jail, and his 6 or 7 wives are going to miss him or maybe not.

  2. 5 star jail cell with everything that opens and close. Maybe a nurse for time ti kill.

  3. Let’s see if it really happens or if he appeals it and the sentence gets thrown out…🤔🤔🤔

  4. I wonder how many protest marches there will be now going against his sentence.
    Will they also make these marches then illegal? I wonder?
    What happened to the “Pay Back The Money” riots in the streets?
    Even all the protest marches could not keep up with everything that Zuma was accused of.
    I think he will sit in jail with a whisky in hand and laugh at everything.
    He needed a rest anyway out of public eyes for a while……….not so?

  5. @ Ruan Velthuysen:
    They certainly wont miss his intellect if he goes to prison, the man cannot even count properly, something school kids learn at an early age.

  6. Let us see where this goes, there are already factions declaring that he should not be sent to jail.

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