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Wynand du Toit:
Wynand du Toit discusses topical issues in South Africa – many of his videos are in Afrikaans

SA Prepper:
South African Prepper: How we prepare for a gradual collapse expecting 1 catalyst event to trigger a final and full SHTF or doomsday situation. Over the lats 10 years we have spend analyzing how different collapses around the world takes place.

Frontline Fellowship:

Frontline Fellowship is a video platform with a Christian message and excellent videos hosted by Dr Peter Hammond

One Small Town:

One Small Town is an innovative project started by Michael Tellinger towns in Lebanon and South Africa are trialling his community concept.

Marius Roos (EBS):

EBS is a non-profit organization and we depend solely on the public and donations to keep this organization going. Our mission is to take young unemployed white men (preferably between the ages of 18 and 22) from white informal settlements. They come here voluntarily to the farm, where they subject themselves for a period of three months to various military disciplines. During these three months there is a very positive growth, it’s a big emotional process for them, where they grow physically, emotionally and mentally.

South African Institute of Hypnotism

SAIH and the Mastermind Training Centres are dedicated professional organizations focusing on education in Hypnosis practices. They are the expression of passion and purpose to contribute towards a better life by all involved.

Founded in 1998, we have well over 20 years of nurturing, fine-tuning and growing every aspect to bring world-class training to our students and support for our members.

The ripple effects are enormous and we are encouraged with every student and every client to grow a legacy, a benchmark for our continent and inspiration to every individual that crosses our path.


Cole van Dais:
Cole van Dais is a very talented singer and performer who writes songs and often performs at charity events bringing love and light into their community.

Teresa van Lieshout:
Christian Teacher/ Researcher/ Author/ Political Leader voterightsparty.com I claimed political leadership Australia from 20th September 2018. Teresa was born and raised in Mundijong, Western Australia, Canning Federal Electorate, and now lives in Victoria. She contested federal Cooper (formerly Batman) in 2018 & 2019, Victoria.

CapeXit “Cape Independence Party”:
Web: www.capeparty.com
vision is to have the Western Cape Region of South Africa declared as an Independent Country. Mission The quest for Independence for minority groups, indigenous to the Cape, sharing a common language and culture, will be achieved through a legal process provided for by: •Article 235 of the South African Constitution •International Law: Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights •Various other conventions undersigned by the South African Government

Rudie Rousseau:
(Afrikaans) Geagte kykers en ondersteuners van my geskiedkundige kanaal. Hier is ek besig om te leer en ook julle te leer van ons geskiedenis en goed wat vir ons al die jare weggesteek was deur die liberale afrikaners.So is daar ook een van adriaan snyman se dissipels ben van rensburg van Benoni wat die insetsel onder vaandel uitgewers waarvan snyman die eienaar is onder my naam gesit het. Die skade wat snyman aangerig het deur goed oor Siener van Rensburg te gaan skryf het , het goed gelowige Afrikaans sprekende mense in vrees laat lewe en sommige het tot die land verlaat het. Prof Andries Raath het my gekontak en daarom het ons die reeks van 9 episodes gemaak om snyman se verdraaide leuns wat hy oor Siener kweit geraak het , gediskrediteer het te openbaar en te wys dat volgens snyman Siener ‘n nostredamus is vals is. Die reeks is by my beskikbaar.

Patriot for Minorities NPC:
(Afrikaans) ‘n Burgerregte organisasie wat hulle beywer vir die regte van minderhede in Suid Afrika.

Bitcoin Trading International:
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Education. As a lack of Education people fall for schemes and lose money. Our focus is on giving you the wildest information that is available to help you make you a better trader. Full on trading courses are available for those who want to be educated. Believe me, the real information is not free. You might get hints of the real info but never the full story. Our channel is to help you with everyday mistakes made with trading.

Mark Sandison:
Mark Sandison takes us on scenic and historic car rides through the streets of the Cape Town and Fish Hoek area.

Harry Booyens: AmaBhulu
AmaBhulu is devoted to the history and challenges of the AmaBhulu, the White Tribe of Africa. The channel is an adjunct to the book, AmaBhulu and the blog of the same name. Most AmaBhulu have a family history in Africa that is longer than that of most Americans in the United States. They are now brazenly threatened with extinction as Communist Black political party leaders dance on stage, calling for their killing more than 30 years after the end of any apartheid policies. This video is just a quick glimpse into the world of the AmaBhulu, a world that North Americans and Europeans find difficult to contemplate, yet seem to feel comfortable to judge.

Cape Independence Party:
The Cape Independence Party stands for greater economic and political independence for the Cape.
We are being robbed economically.
We are being racially and culturally oppressed.
It is our choice! We can end this and build a prosperous country!
The Cape Independence Party was founded in 2007, following on the work of the 1993 civic movement the Committee for the Cape Republic. In 2008, the Cape Independence Party was officially registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as a political party in the Republic of South Africa.
Our first hope is that the ANC-controlled South African government will engage in immediate negotiations to bring an end to the long-standing political, social and economic oppression that they have imposed without challenge on the Cape and its people to this day.
By allowing for greater provincial control over our own economic, social and political affairs we will, at the least, be able to relieve our people of some of the daily persecution we endure.
If the opportunity to negotiate fairly is not possible, then the Cape Independence Party will be left no option but to use all legal and peaceful means to bring into effect greater autonomy of the Cape from the Republic of South Africa, or pursue complete independence. For the first time since 1910, Cape independence is represented in government, the CIP-CAPEXIT having won its first 2 council seats in the CoCT in the 2021 Local Government Elections.
The Cape Independence Party strives towards obtaining a referendum to declare the Cape an independent country.
As an independent state, with sound political and economic policies, we envision a decentralised Swiss Canton system of Direct Democracy enabling the rebirth of a nation based on mutual respect, peace and prosperity and free from political power …
…The Cape of Good Hope, The Cape Republic, the land we love.

NEASA (National Employers’ Association of South Africa) 
When you as an SMME or entrepreneur are faced with issues such as a disciplinary hearing or retrenchments, NEASA can assist. You are guaranteed expert legal advice and representation on all forums in respect all labour law related problems,. Don’t get left behind, visit www.neasa.co.za.

One Nation (Australian political party):
One Nation is taking on the NWO. Not a day goes by without someone asking me questions about how our voting system works. Questions about how many boxes need to be numbered or where do preferences go, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Robert Young:
Our Mission Is To Do All We Can To Change and Save Lives With an Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle through Education “Dr. Young may be on the threshold of a new biology, whose principle—if proven—could revolutionize the biology and medicine worlds.” Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D. Former Head of Research for John Hopkins University. Over the past three and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of “disease,” subsequently developing “The New Biology™” to help people balance their life. In 1994, Dr. Young discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and bacteria to red blood cells. He has since documented several such transformations documented on several youtube videos.

John Moslein:

John Moslein loves drones and sharessome of the amazing footage he has captured across South Africa.

Reyno de Beer (Liberty Fighters Network):
Reyno de Beer is the President and Founder of Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) in South Africa. LFN is a group of dedicated judicial reformation activists. We don’t hesitate to fight for the rights of our People in our courts as rebel litigants and to expose the corrupt legal system in South Africa and the world. We aim to establish a unique legal system, separated from the British inn system. Every human being must be empowered to self-represent in courts of the People, by the People, and for the People without reliance on devious attorneys and advocates.

Schalk van der Merwe:
Only official channel of a South Afrocan activist, Schalk W vd Merwe NKP, who has taken on businesses in South Africa who are trying to force their staff to get vaccinated.

Constitutional Landmarks – Mark Oppenheimer:

Mark Oppenheimer interviews Justices of the Constitutional Court and the advocates that appeared before them about the Court’s most famous cases. Justices Albie Sachs, Kate O’Regan, Johan Kriegler, and Yvonne Mokgoro feature alongside advocates Wim Trengove, Gilbert Marcus, Peter Hodes, and Salim Nakhjavani.

SA Unscripted:

SA Unscripted looks at news in South Africa from an alternative perspective

Chris Elsom:
Chris Elsom has a savage humour, documentaries and mockumentaries, from part-time bootlegger and seldom published, for obvious reasons, satire author and columnist Chris Elsom, a hardcore Facebook prison inmate and mental liberation activist, fighting the scourge of political-correctness, one offence at time. Check out the videos in the playlists – some of them might inspire you to join me in the fight and if they don’t they will give you something to laugh about in these insane times.

Petrus Sitho activist against farm murders in South Africa:

Cunning Brad:
Take a quick road trip & view the sites around Johannesburg with Cunning Brad in his Ford Ranger. Tells the insecure story of when his lover was away & his house was just a house and not really a home anymore & all he had was a fire that wouldn’t light, a pen that wouldn’t write & a phone that didn’t ring. Fortunately for Brad she came back home 🙂 

Mike Gastin:

Mike Gastin shares human flourishing, wealth creation, and entrepreneurship.

HWP Report:

Faiez Kirsten of the HWP Report is an activist against the covid scam and has many videos in which he discusses problematic issues like “show me the covid virus”.

Craig Jack Lewis – Singer:

Craig Jack Lewis just loves performing and singoing – he offers ive music for all occasions. Ask him for a song

Michael Tellinger:

Exposing the Hidden History of the world in Southern Africa. Discovering and researching the vanished civilisations of Southern Africa 300,000 years ago – Adam’s Calendar – Millions of stone circle ruins – Ancient gold mines and large scale gold mining – Evidence of Anunnaki presence – Rediscovering advanced ancient technology left behind – Torus stones – Cone shaped tools – Magnetron technology – The Stone Circle Museum with unique tools and artefacts on display – Fossils of Humanoids – Dinosaurs – Reptilians – and Giants – The Giant footprint. Connecting the dots from the ancient past in a diverse range of subjects to make sense of the insane world we live in today, and to find a way out of this mess. All of this knowledge leads to the “ONE SMALL TOWN Can Change The World” plan of action. Discover it – share it. We are the ones we have been waiting for. No one is coming to save us – we have to save ourselves. Unity and higher consciousness for all.

Steven Suntup

Steven is a bikie and an expat South African now living in the US. He puts up videos of his travels around South Africa and his exploits in the US.  He covers some of his 300,000 kilometers of road tripping on motorcycles in South Africa. 11 years later Steven has got the time and has edited the videos releasing episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on his channel