1. Thank you Scott. You have definitely kept us informed like 3 years ago l think that’s when l started watching you are it’s lose to that l remember when you only had like 26.000 people. I don’t think l talked much at first .LL family is the best info out there. Thank you Scott for all the hard work you do.

  2. The Soviet Union acquired the German city of Konigsberg in 1945 and renamed it Kaliningrad, in much the same way that Poland acquired Gdansk after WWI through the ‘Treaty of Versailles’. Many in the know, knew that this treaty would lead to a further war.

    “Russia reserves the right to protect its national interests.”…. And, so did Germany in 1939 when Poland refused her access to East Prussia through the Danzig (Today, Gdansk) corridor. One of the many reasons Hitler attacked Poland.

  3. … and I had a job offer a fortnight ago to work in Estonia … I politely declined.

    ref. wiki
    Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) is a NATO-allied forward-deployed defense and deterrence military force in Central and Northern Europe. This posture in Central Europe through Poland and Northern Europe through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, is in place in order to protect and reassure the security of NATO’s Central and Northern European member states on NATO’s eastern flank.

    … Russia has never been a threat to Europe, rather it is NATO, the US(UN) serving as proxies for the Globalists incl. IL that are a threat to us ALL. imho.

    Recall, EFP (ca. 2016) was facilitated via the territories of Norway, placing AEGIS missile systems along the Borders with Russia. Russia observed that the system could be equipped with medium range ballistic missiles. At the same time the US was advancing the idea of smaller nuclear payloads to their ordinances.

    This EFP by the West is seldom mentioned nowadays. Salting the battlefield. imho.

  4. As per Sieners predictions we will know WW3 has started when Russia invades Turkey and in their momentum rolls on into western Europe and then America. The end result being the absolute devastation of the West and the total destruction of Russia and her allies, China and oddly enough, India. At present there seems to be no animosity between Russia and Turkey but the way things are going, this could change.

  5. All the living dead NATO soldiers who participate should start saying their final goodbyes to their friends and family. I find this provocation by NATO so evil that I feel nothing for those who are to die . They will die for every dishonourable reason I can think of . And what will their parents have to be proud of ? Nothing. Like the Boer war was for money and power for the bankers and Rothschilds and how many Brits died in vain on foreign soil ? Too many. Boers too . But the Bankers and Rothschilds consider it mere collateral damage.
    Why do we whites allow such things to take place while the Zionists rub their hands in glee for the rich pickings from sponsoring both sides as well as the gain of even more power once most of the populations are dead ? The west is already suffering cultural death by the massive influx of low IQ vermin and now this potential for war is all what is needed to totally collapse us. Its suicide and the minority in power are baying for our blood to complete their next sacrifice to satan. Are you for it or against it ? Start preparing , although I dont know what for because when I see the Ukranian war I see they destroy every building in every town like the Allies did in Germany and recently in Iraq. You will leave with only what you can carry. Better to bury your food in the fields elsewhere.

  6. When I first heard of this blockade on alternative media online, I couldn’t help thinking of Germany invading Danzig and the Sudetenland in 1939 which were no longer in German hands but both areas, the former in Poland, the latter in Czechoslovakia had many Germans still living there, who were being oppressed and killed by the governments of these 2 countries. Germany invaded these two areas to free the German people there and it resulted in the World War II. I immediately thought that this could lead to WW III, because Russia has every right to break the blockade to reach its people in Kaliningrad, where too the Russian Baltic fleet is based. Can you just think what this would mean for Europe and then for the rest of the west, all because NATO is provoking a war because it is controlled by the cabal and been continually breaking their treaty with Russia and encroaching further and further into Eastern Europe. They are totally evil, because as with the Ukraine and Russia, it will be the European people and soon the rest of the world’s people who suffer. These demonic elites must be destroyed and I fear that will only happen when God intervenes and not before. Good people of the world are in for a bumpy ride, hold on to your faith in Jesus.


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