1. His salary is paid for by white globalists in London. Mfene for sure.

  2. Why do they keep trying to get vaccines for their supporters from China…are they trying to commit national suicide…☹️☹️☹️

  3. @ usmom750: “…are they trying to commit national suicide…”

    And your point is ???

    You are American and for years America has known very little of South Africa because to them Africa has always
    been the “dark continent”. Some Americans still call Africa a country. That is why when I was talking to an American guy he said he has a friend in Zimbabwe and do I know him. Obviously he thought Zimbabwe was a province of South Africa.

    Julius Malema is a short little Robert Mugabe wannabe. He incites violence and he incites murder of our farmers and you want to protect his ass ??? He destroys the country and threatens people and you want to protect his ass because even in another post you raised your concerns for his safety.

    I say just let them be and what will happen will happen, but there is no way I’d ever support a dictator.

  4. @ usmom750:
    Yes they must take the jab if thats what they want, Malema and his supporters , let these scumbags take the jab.

  5. Mark: I am not concerned for Malema’s safety but for everyone’s else who is in South Africa who will be subject to this vaccine once it reaches South Africa as they are not importing one dose just for him. He could die tomorrow and I could care less about it…

  6. MCA wrote:

    I can not open the video. Please telol me what to do

    Maybe your Page did not load correctly, just REFRESH the Page….

    It plays, I have checked on various devices.

    Rudi Geldenhuys


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