1. COOL…Exactly my sentiment.
    An unvaccinated nurse is better than No nurse.
    We have to be counterproductive in this whole absurd situation we find ourselves in.
    If we don’t push back, they will have the last say.
    Eventually they will come back to us, with puppydog eyes, begging us to come back, as the vaccinated staff members wouldn’t be able to fulfill their duties.

  2. Jacinda is going to enforce the JAB on NZ nurses. If they do not take the jab , they are gone !!

  3. That is what the agenda is playing towards to add to the mayhem and chaos. With or without the nurses,…their agenda will continue. The more nurses that resigns the more deaths there’ll be and so the cycle continues,….everything will be attributed to the false covid plandemic. God Help us,….Shalom

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