1. Remain vigilant against these psychopaths. They still want the whole world “jabbed” but have now chosen to “educate” you instead! I am reminded of how commies play their game of total control.

    It is in Jo High Bends speech earlier.

    Please read the labels before you eat or drink anything. If it comes from a lab, you don’t want it. That Fowl Chick has totally changed the definition of what science actually is.

    It is an exploration of the universe towards knowledge. Not an experiment on life!

  2. I pray that the court cases are going to multiply and spread worldwide very quickly so that this evil can be destroyed….but don’t let down your guard. These

    evil psyco’s still have another hidden agenda to destroy humanity…plan B, plan C, plan D. If they are not stopped very very quickly millions more are going to


  3. will never know how people got so easily fooled that it can save lives ,and most of all people who say thy are born again

  4. I’m so jealous right now

    Because I live in New Zealand 🇳🇿 unfortunately

    And over here things are not so green and fresh

    Communist ardern

    Is still controlling the people here

    And the people are not willing to stand up against tyranny and oppression

    Because kiwis have this oxymoron and terrible mentality


    She’ll be alright mate she’ll be alright mate

  5. I just can’t wait to see them openly acknowledge VAIDS.

    But in all earnest,
    I do not expects many people to be punished for this.
    We can look at historical events such as “Unit 731” and “the NAZI experiments” where very few were punished and victims were shushed.

  6. @ mo khan321:
    Dont think she will be able to withstand the onslaught if Auz gets freed and they start taking people to book in a Nuremberg2.0 type trail in Auz.She will be included just make sure you have a list of the small offenders names badge nos etc,cause small complicit fish must also fry.

  7. We have to list everyone including doctors who refused meds like ivomectin which would have saved millions of lives who had covid and hopefully those who are said to have performed euthanasia on thousand of old people in UK.We must get as many as possible.All those who were paid by people like Bill Gates must also be traced and face justice.Internment camps will have yo be built to house them as there are many of them,

  8. Lets face it money talks Politicians, Learning institution’s, Judicial, Medical, main stream media, etc. Have all been captured by greed. Thank you LL. From a natural living man.

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