1. Anybody who would trust the ANC after the last week or so of rioting caused by infighting within their own party doesn’t deserve to belong to any political party at all…

    He should be voted out of the DA immediately…he is not fit to serve…😪😪😪

  2. DA is now on its way downwards if they beg to come on the ANC playfield.

  3. Now he’s showing his true colors. NEVER trusted him either. They are all NWO supporters and they need to be delt with.

  4. I didn’t hear him say that he would serve in the Rama-cabalinet…

  5. People don’t get it. ANC, DA, EFF, VF+, every party in parlement, are all the same. Funded by the same people.

    They all agreed on having lockdowns. They all agreed that it is ok to take away our freedoms.

    If we don’t change the governance system in South Africa, it doesn’t matter which puppet is the president or which gang “rules”.

    It’s a clear cut case of greater good vs personal liberty.

    No-one person or party will save this country. It is up to the citizens to start acting as citizens and stop being subjects.

    While everyone worries about EFF marches and vaccines and all the other nonsense, our freedom is taken away and we will end up like Australia, Canada, the US and Europe.


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