1. Listening to this took me back to a day so long ago, standing beside my dad and hearing his powerful voice singing this song. Thank you Dan. God is good. Praise the Lord O my soul. God bless you my friend

  2. God, You created the beauty of our land, who cares and loves everything and everyone, Please be with our farmers, farmworkers, and those who reach out to help them in the field who is fighting fires. Be with your people in South Africa now in the midst of the fires. Bring an end to the fires. Give them courage and strength to persevere, to find the ability in their bodies and souls to keep working. Ease the winds that spread the flames and please God sent rain to put out the fires but to keep the holy fire burning alive inside their hearts. Remind us that you are the promise of a new tomorrow. As you led the Hebrew people through the desert, please lead your people now, from farmers to farmworkers who continue to fight fires in the fields and who have lost everything they have built over a lifetime, May our hearts never turn away from you or from each other in our time of need. May we see your work in the hands of all those who reach out to help then in this time. AMEN

  3. Throughout the ages we have sung this song as a proclamation of the Greatness of our God Who will be there for us come what may.
    “Behold I have indelibly imprinted you on the palm of My hands”
    His mercy endures forever!

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