1. This takes me back to 1972/1973 when it was popular on the radio in the UK. My friend had the Desiderata poster on the wall in her bedsit. If I remember correctly, the poster stated that the Desiderata was originally found on the wall of a church back in 1692.

  2. It’s amazing that even in the 17th century people realized that Bible principles were always the best ones to follow.

  3. I’m glad that Desiderata was discovered, a few centuries ago, on the wall of a church.
    What stands out for me, is the phrase: “Be yourself.”
    No one else has the ability to be you. So, just do you.
    Be kind and gentle to yourself, and you will have no problem, being kind and gentle with others.
    Bottom line, if you can be anything, be kind.
    That is the only thing, we owe one other, in this very broken world.

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