1. WOW – that was awesome !!!
    The diapers I can not remember – I was too young
    All the hidings – I want to forget
    The marbles – yea, I am too old for that now.[LOL]
    The rest – beautiful memories – all well-known stuff in my days.
    Pulling the girls ponytails was a thing we as boys love to do.
    Especially the girls that you like but too shy to talk to.
    We were very happy in those days.
    Who still have one of those record players [ HMV ] which you must windup and the thick 78 rpm records?

  2. @ VIKING BOER: I still have several 78rpm records which I want to sell.

    Every time I liked a girl and would pull on her ponytail she would turn around and beat the hell out of me.



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