1. This is a wonderfully inspirational video. My son is totally deaf in his right ear due to a serious motor accident. He also loves dogs. Five years in Iraq and two years in Afghanistan taught him a great deal about war and the sheer determination of disabled soldiers who were “never out of the fight”. This almost brought tears to his eyes when we watched it. Thank you for these wonderful daily updates and all the REAL news. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. The amazing part of God’s creation. I think it is well known that dogs can hear sound like thunder about 7 miles away and can also distinguish between hundreds of smells. How difficult this must be for a deaf dog.
    But just look what it can achieve with the right owner – It looks happy and relaxed and obey every command just to have patience with his disability. Love is the greatest tool.

  3. With the dog being born deaf, he wouldn’t know he had what we term “deaf”.
    You cannot miss what you never had.
    In the case of @ Ruth Carr: ‘s son or my particular case, we can miss it because we both had it, except in my case it’s not hearing related, it’s physical.


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