1. Had a similar experience with a little one that I found sitting in the garden. Took him inside and tried to feed him but he would not eat. He just sat and slept

    until I found some recordings of pidgeons on the net which I played for him. He immediately perked up and started eating and walking around. After a few

    days I took him outside. He followed me and eventually I placed him in a tree and he finally flew off. At least once a week he comes to my door for a neck rub

    and then flies off. Amazing creatures. God’s creations, so pure.

  2. @ Nellie Rodriquez:
    Another scam operation running from Hungry.
    There are hundreds of these websites from “fly by night” scammers who are after your money.
    You need to give them R3800 / $250 first.
    Please stop posting these “get rich schemes” here on Loving Life.
    If there is any value in it, Scott would have put a video up for everybody to see.
    Thank you kindly.


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