The record player was the one that you wind up with a lever. The records were those thick 78’s.
    I remember a packet of 10 Lexington cost 9.5 cents
    With the half sent you get 2 pinkies or 2 Coronations sweets
    I deliver newspapers and got 5 shillings a month – I went to the bank and made it all pennies
    Every day I used 2 pennies and bought myself 4 pinkies and 4 coronations sweets.
    Yes, my friends, those were the days – good old days.
    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Yes, I remember:

    The cloth nappies and those safety pins. I used to change my twin brothers’ nappies with those and I had to wash them and hang them out to dry.
    The next door neighbours in Durban had a lychee tree in the front garden, while the ones over the road had a mango tree.
    I used to eat mulberries from my aunt’s orchard in Johannesburg.
    The 45’s were stacked up on my late mother’s Schaub Lorenz radiogram. (Dowtown with Petula Clark comes to mind).
    Pink “Star” toffees at 8 for a cent.
    Liquorice strips for 1 cent each. (They were at least twice the length of the short ones that we pay almost R5 for nowadays).
    The strap was the cure for “ADHD”.
    At high school the boys used to put hard-covered exercise books in the backs of their pants if they were sent to the office for cuts.
    The fruit and vegetable market on the square in front of Cape Town city hall brings back memories. When I came home from work in Rondebosch, I would get off the bus at the terminus and buy apricots at 8 for 10 cents, cheap peaches and more from the vendors during the summer months.
    Those days all seem like a dream now. I was only thinking about Springbok Radio and Eric Egan’s morning programme when I poured my coffee this morning.
    Thanks for the memories! And oh .. let’s not forget the days when the Union Castle ships used to dock at the ports. When I left Cape Town in 1972, I sailed to the UK on the Edinburgh Castle. (It was the “poorer” man’s choice, along with the SA Oranje).


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