1. as beautiful as Germany is so much more South Africa is, when watching Voetspore on Youtube on sees the beauty of South Africa,

  2. I have watched all the Voetspore Episodes. South Africa’s scenery is known as” A World in One Country”. Sadly the political situation in SA makes it a Paradise for a few elite and wealthy. Not a safe country to live in. So sad.

  3. yes its such a pity,, and its such a wealthy country,, Gold diamonds coal tin copper just to mention the many it has,, and sad part is the rest of the world forced the NP to just hand over the country to the ANC and they knew its going to turn into a third world country,, and now rest of the world turns a blind eye to the state country is in,,,

  4. I was supposed to be in Germany from December 2020 to December 2021, but we all know what happened and now I cannot go because I like my blood looking like fried eggs, not scrambled eggs.

    When the Western Cape secedes, I truly believe the Cape Republic’s economy will boom rapidly.

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