1. funny how you don’t appreciate things till they are gone. wish i had a time machine-? yes

  2. Oh how I loved watching this. It brought back lovely memories. Thank you😉

  3. The memories … Yes. Remember the irritating test pattern? At least the frequency was higher than today’s music.
    I used to love reading those comic books.
    Wendy was great but it now begs the Bonnie Tyler question WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD WITCHES GONE?
    I used to love the pick n mix sweet section. I remember how those awful school chairs used to make my bum numb. As for the marbles, after my accident I don’t think I’ve ever had them again. Does that mean I’m immortal?

  4. lets me think back to my childhood days back in Welkom in the 1960s,, the milk bottles,, the horse-driven milk carts and then the battery ones, at 4 in the morning, hearing the bottles knocking against each other as the workers ran


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