1. Winde speaks with the same forked tongue that Rama-doesa does…..they both must burn in the fires of hell

  2. Winde entertained and may well have accepted B&M funding for TB vaccine research (on the population).
    JP Smith and Natasha Mazzone, proudly Communist. Natasha and John Steenhuisen were products of the DA leadership program, best buddies. By association John is quite comfortable with the Communist tag. Then again, the DA are nothing more than the Jewish Communist Party of olde. afaik.

    Whom benefits from the tolling of Chapmans Peak? Who benefits from the sale of the Newlands Stadium? Who benefits from the the relocation of WP Rugby to the Green Point Stadium? Who benefits from the maintenance contracts on the Stadium?

    The Marina da Gama Association in Muizenberg is a FRAUD endorsed by the Madam Zille, despite a Human Rights Commission report finding that the MDGA are unlikely whom they claim to be. The various Government Gazettes of the period do not support the formation of an HOA for the Township Development. Approx. 1300 home owners being lied to by the DA since 1987. afaik.

    As Zille once said, “You get what you vote for”

    There are none more treacherous than the DA.
    ANC/DA alliance = bad cop / good cop.


  3. DA, EFF, ANC, ACP- no difference, they are all satantic institutions and corrupt to the core.


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