1. Scott , Zuma is NOT the answer. But he is not for the OWG . Why ? Because he and his ex were not co-operating with the ANC who are puppets ( Ramaphosa et al ) of the NWO and they ( Ramaphosa et al ) are making sure that the foreign corporations ( Oppenheimers etc) achieve the One World Government by totally monopolizing our economy and they are destroying our country. Im just giving a reason why there is a split in the ANC. I think nothing of Zuma .

  2. I don’t know if the any news that really tells the truth Scott. But you. I watch stuff because I’m bored ..But really it’s hard to know the truth anymore. They have people they own on the lift and right. So l just stopped believing in what they say. I know that Russia makes ladder food and Israel makes it .. I watched a video all about it. And it’s not good. Control the food Control the people easy kill.

  3. Hippo Eyes and Zuma are both puppets of the NWO. Zuma will not be kept in prison for long. He will soon be let out. He was handsomely rewarded while he was President of SA. Ramaphosa is now just carrying on were Zuma left off.

    Carl Niehaus will be re-instated . Nothing will change. The GREAT RESET must be implemented according to Mr Schwaab.

    Oppenheimer is sitting on the sidelines laughing.

  4. @ Michael Lawson:
    you are obviously one of the oodezz zombies? this is exactly from his script. yes, i have met them, listened to them, but i had this nagging feeling something is not kosher and i stopped following them. i have my suspicions that this guy is still an agent for the state, afterall he worked in mil intel for many years and why does he only now come out? where was he when the anc government paid him for his services? there is something wrong with that guy

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