1. they can not create and produce anything of substance for a functioning law bidding nation. they function on hate greed and refuse to recognise the fact they are emulating all daily life on what culture they say they hate . the world sanctions must start till s a has a normal government .south africa is controlled and run by a terror racist state of mindless savages in western clothes playing a gutter version of Westminster.

  2. It’s time to use Malema ‘s words to stop this looting. “Shoot, shoot, shoot to kill”

  3. Oh come on, that beautiful woman at the end touched and broke my heart so much 😢😭

    I realize most blacks hate white monopoly capital, but where would they be without it?
    Why do they come to the whites begging for money and food if they hate white monopoly capital so much?

    Honestly, I’m all pro secession, but once we secede, they will just keep trying to infiltrate our new country. This is the part of me which sides with the ULA because they want half the country. There is no way we all could fit into the Western Cape. If all the black foreigners would go back to their respective countries, the legitimate SA blacks would thrive.

  4. You will never get rid of illegals in your country since they have no place to go as every single country in Africa is a complete mess…so they lose nothing by staying in SA.

    Additionally you will gain nothing thru independence as they will follow you up mountains, thru rivers, across deserts until once again their population explodes and you will be right back in the same situation you are in right now or your children or grandchildren will be dealing with it.

    That why I always recommended emigration. Those who cannot have to try and cluster together in places like Orania and such to get a measure of safety for a time anyway..

    Ultimately there is no safety for you living amongst savages…


  5. That now infamous liberal politician De klerk said he had to hand SA over to the blacks, and therefore to the ANC, in order to avert civil war . Yet after 27 years of ANC rule the country is largely dysfunctional { just like most black african nations } and now parts of it are in ruin and facing famine, a civil war would have been the lesser of two evils, thats just my two cents worth.

  6. @ jaco hunter:
    you are so true,, wh ydo thy wear collar and ties if the apartheid was sp wrong

  7. @ JamesC:
    if apartheid was so wrong why isn’t he in the forefront fighting the [poverty

  8. @ Shane Pengelly:
    totally agee, because back then the whits had a fully functional army, weapons of mass destruction,, bombers fire planes,, ues lots of whites would of been killed but if bombs were dropped on places thousands upon thousand would of been killed,

  9. Maybe DeKlerk could have signed off on a gradual handover similar to what Britian did with handing over Hong Kong to China…also included negotiating passports from other countries for the minorities that didn’t want to remain under Black ruled South Africa…

    To be fair there have been 26 years between handover and this mess. Plenty of time to wrap up affairs and emigrate. This includes Indians as well since Uganda should have been a clue for all Asians of where this is ultimately headed…

  10. @ usmom750:

    Not everyone has the money to emigrate and some do but don’t want to.
    I had many opportunities to leave but I don’t want to. I am a patriot to my country.
    As @ VIKING BOER: always says – HIER BLY EK BOER (Here I stay and farm).

    I and many others will not be intimidated by little lying, stealing, raping, corrupt sodomizers.

  11. All I can say to the defenders of their community : MAKE EVERY BULLET COUNT !


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