1. I have never received a proper explanation of how taking the jab protects those around me since the jab does not stop transmission.
    This is just virtue signaling amplified

  2. Novak Djokovic can stay and play, wow thats fantastic for all tennis fans, this guys a legend, three times hes come back from match points down against Roger Federer in key grand slam matches and won , leaving tennis fans like me in awe of his will to win and guts. Great news and now i can reply to all the vaxxers who took delight in telling me that anti-vaxxer Djokovic has been imprisoned and is going to be sent home, nope ,hes going to be defending his title.

  3. I am glad Novak Djokovic won the court battle. Now for the battle on the tennis court.

  4. A huge win for the good guys….down with the worldwide dictatorial power hungry nazis

  5. I don’t want to be horrible but if some of these children die then their parents should be prosecuted for allowing their children to be culled. Food prices have

    also increased hugely here in South Africa and quite a few items are not available

  6. He was on the WEF website which has been taken down. He may very well be one of “them”. This was just a front as they continued to push the jab onto the 5yr olds.

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