1. Never consume internally, animal-grade drugs.

    Animal-grade liquid Ivermectin was, however, used very effectively under external application to the skin, in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Ivermectin is oil-soluble and can enter via the skin.

    I have personally tested this route. The Dosage is the challenge.

  2. Scott, in todays life highly qualified Doctors or Specialists, can’t even be trusted, there are millions of Doctors or Medical people across the World, why do the majority of these medical people not speak out against the use of these Vaccinations, and swabs laced with crap that can cause Cancer? Why are the playing along with the Evil Dr Fauci and Bill Gates? Have they all been bought off or threatened?
    What has happened to their oaths they pledged?

  3. This is excellent advice. Of course, it’s not advisable for humans to take the animal dosage for Ivermectin! People just need to be responsible and well-informed.

  4. My husband and I have been taking the liquid Ivermectin for animals. We have been taking it in the dosage required by weight and we have been fine with it. Our farmer friends have been taking it for a year now and they are all fine. I think the doctor is right in saying that when people are admitted for liver damage, there are definitely other factors at play.


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