1. Thanks uncle Scott, it is seriously scary to think about everything evil they get away with and then turn around and act like they are sent by God to do good.

  2. Cowardly baby murderers who audaciously say it’s ethical. Adam wasn’t Cains father, the serpent (satan) was. Today
    Cains descendants fill the seats of power and a full deck of emotions is something they don’t have.

  3. many “humans” don’t deserve to be called that… shame on you who are guilty of this… God help us.. truly…

  4. Pure evil! Disturbing to know that some (in)human(e) persons wants to play God over these innocent lives! It should be unlawful on planet earth!

  5. They follow the ancient roman cult system created in 1302 with Boniface,….when they wrote their canons on parchment, the ancient concept of using human skin of children (a Kid) to record their laws (in blood) which governs us to this day. What Fauci and the american NIH are doing is basically continuing and honoring their age old contract with you know who,…

  6. This is absolutely disgusting 😤. Killing babies for Science? Nothing can promote or support such activities. This is cold-blooded murder.
    Different story when people die and state in their Will that their body can be donated to Science for research. Or that their organs may be donated to save other’s lives.

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