1. Strangely enough, someone sent me a whatsapp message today in Afrikaans along similar lines but i said I couldn’t confirm it.

    Scott, I feel your ‘more than anger’ about this evil scenario! Heads up once again to Tucker Carlson for outing the truth. Also, to people like you who have integrity and aren’t scared to go against the mainstream.

    Let’s wait to see what more unfolds and IF all the partakers in this evilness are going to face the consequences

  2. Great report Scott. If true it’s a crime against humanity and should be tried as such.

  3. Time to sue them all for loss of income stress etc China ,must also be brought down

  4. Thank you Ancoisfranti for those very interesting links!I wonder why Scott can’t put this on YouTube if those people can. I think they’ve just got it in for him

  5. Fauci, Gates etc and all the vaccine manufactures must be tried for mass murder and genocide


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