1. He NEEDS to be jabed by someone without been noticed. Give him his own medicine. What’s good for the gouse is good for the gander.

  2. anything is possible ,, look at the videos on youtube of the South African dr Death–Dr Wouter Basson,,, they were experimenting in transforming a germ or virus into a mega germ to put in drinking water in Soweto,, so anything is possible,

  3. @ Zee:
    Yep, give Fauci the jab, Trudeau of Canada and his wife just got jabbed, however video evidence showed it to be a fake jab, as the Israeli PM got when the nurse placed the syringe behind his shoulder and jabbed thin air.

  4. Oh well So Fauci didn’t lie after all , according to himself , so that settles it ,hes an honest man, according to himself, although Senator Paul just showed that hes been lying his head off. Lowlifes like Fauci never own up even when its crystal clear and proven that they lied, because after all they are liars.

  5. Dr Paul asks a question: “Do you wish to retract your previous statement that the NHI did not fund gain of function reseasch at Wuhan Lab, bearing in mind that, by your own defenition, changing a virus so that it can infect a host which it previously could not, is gain of function?”

    Dr Fauci claims that Paul is asking him a different question, namely that Covid 19 came from the Wuhan Lab, which Fauci denies. Paul repeats his original question. Fauci answers his own different question.

    Dr Fauci, you are avoiding answering Dr Paul’s question because you committed the offence of LYING TO CONGRESS. Fauci should be charged with misleading congress.

  6. Just like they did with the Spanish flu. And go away with it. Nothing new is happening just more and more people are seeing the lie


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