1. The “normality”? These turncoats of the CDC haven`t missed one paycheck through their finest year while millions all over the world have lost everything in this hoax. The culling of the economic middle class is still going on. Big box stores and Amazon have doubled their profits in the last year.
    The US is going to lose 50% of their small enterprises and corner shops.45 Million US citizens are so far behind in paying their rent,mortgage,credit card,utilities or car loan that they can not catch up anymore. Food prices are up 15%,inflation roars,wages have dropped under the level of sustainability.But worst of all are these ironic remarks of those that initiated this hoax in the first place;it`s like kicking a dying man.
    Suicides are up 100% last year,vaccination is mandatory and the unwilling can be detained,covid or no covid. No,not in Russia but in New York.
    Governor Newsom rules California in a way that would make Stalin proud:democracy? Fuck democracy! Elections? Fuck elections! The voter base is rewarded with a 30$ tent:and now off to the side walk gulag,please.
    The Negro`s,Latino`s and Islamists have eaten the icing of the US. welfare cake and now that the Whitey`s,who have payed for all those illegal criminals and ghetto bro`s are standing in the line ,they hear “eat shit”. The 600$$ hand out is the first insult of the US communist regime towards their sworn enemies,the White Christian population.The US. is South Africa 2.0.
    Freak Fauci can be pleased. He served his masters well.
    How wonderful it is to live without a conscience…..

  2. A lot of them are probably going to get arrested for election fraud soon. Not because of Trump but because of US patriots forcing Trump to do his job. If he doesn’t the American pqtriots will be glad to pick up the slack, or should that be pitchforks. The double barrel kinds.

  3. The Fake Climate Crisis, Green Energy (Solar and Wind) Fraud, Covid-19 Fakedemic are all UN-Globalist(s)-CCP-EU-Crown constructs for the purpose of using Fear to Implement the OWG Totalitarian Communism based on the CCP Model, removal of our Rights/Freedoms. These are not based on Science or Fact. Quite the opposite! The “Reset” has many heads including World Depopulation Objective(s) and Tiered Segregated Tyranny(s) from the Globalist Wealthy and Elites at the very highest levels. Treason, Corruption, Criminality, Economic Destruction and Asymmetric Warfare have been incrementally implemented in many forms since at-least the mid 1960’s. Stand up and Rebel or Submit to your new Slave Masters who are clearly Despots and Psychopaths. 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦 🧐
    #TrudeauMustGo #ToryMustGo #FordMustGo #UNMustGo #WHOMustGo #CCPMustGo #GatesMustGo #Freedom Strategy: Fortress North America

  4. @ klaaswertmann:
    I am sorry my friend I work at Amazon and we did not do very well this year and Amazon are making blue badge people redundant, next the green badge people will lose their jobs.
    Amazon did much better last year just before Christmas.

  5. These so called doctors and scientists need our help,I will glady donate my time to give them each my own vaccine and I will guarantee it unlike them and their vaccine.

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