1. Well done to these Men of Valor and integrity!
    If you are pro-life, pro-freedom of choice, pro-freedom of speech you are being targeted as being a vilian.
    This is false propaganda in action where the so called law enforcers are the oppressors when they make up their own rules in order to intimidate people who know the law like the back of their hand.
    As soon as they are confronted with the Truth, they go quiet, because they don’t have anything to stand on to back up their ridiculous actions.
    Metro police go study the law before you disgrace yourself like ever again!!!

  2. Anyone who murders their child whether still in the womb or not should be given a life sentence.

  3. Only God can take and create life.
    That little cell in the body of a pregnant woman is God at work.
    No human has the right to kill that or stop that.
    Imagine what happened in CHINA when they were only allowed, one child.
    They prefer that to be a boy.
    The result now is that there are over 30 million+ young men looking for wives.
    Depression is sky high and many young men are committing suicide or leaving the country to go and find a wife elsewhere. Watch out Africa, the Chinese are not there just to build roads, railways, and dams.
    When nature calls, you must obey in any way you feel fit.

  4. I salute Dr Peter Hammond and his fellow protestors. If God be for you , who can be against you. Joe Biden would be proud of these SAPS characters. Biden is a Catholic who is pro abortion. I wonder what his friends in the Vatican think of his morality ?

  5. It is true that many parents wants to adopt a baby, but the paperwork is astronomical. I thought church doors will be open to help the undecided mother to keep or put baby up for adoption

  6. The behavior of these metro cops resembles how officialdom behaves in tyrannical communist countries.
    We cannot allow this – these ‘cops’ need to be identified and charged with harassment and/or other pertinent misdemeanors.

    Stand firm !

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