1. Nobody should take the toxic experimental jab. It has failed spectacularly and does not qualify as a ‘vaccine’.
    Plus the mountain of injuries & deaths keeps growing – and is hidden by MSM and those colluding to promote the vax.

    We need to protect the control group of the unvaxxed.

    Evidence is now emerging that the vaxxed shed viral load – and that is affecting unvaxxed pregnant mothers and technicians, such as Zandre Botha. Most hospitalizations are now vaxxed people – so they can still get covid & can spread it more than unvaxxed people. So how can it be ok to press the most vulnerable old folk to submit to such risk ?

    Now we hear that all future vaccines will include Mrna – gene modification therapy. A most Sinister development.

    So many lies ! We can expect the guilty held to account, but it will be too late by then.

    Just say ‘No!’

  2. if ever there was someone that needs to be on death row it is Dr Fauci, the blood on his hands will never get washed off

  3. I smell a rat. I also thought Rand Paul was on our side until i watched this video. Notice how he starts out with his pro vaccine speech. The elephant in the room is the the fact that the vaccine is causing mass murder, yet he never brings this up. We first became aware of him when he questioned DR Death about his gain of function role in Wuhan, but now i realise that he was a “created” oposition who was there to give people a false sense of hope, and to mislead people into believing that they had representation in parliament. His role was also to divert attention to the Chinese and to reinforce the lies that the virus came from t
    he East. This is a PANSY and he is fighting with a full tank of red bull and a pair of kid gloves. We must call him out!!!

  4. @ Sam P:
    Interesting because I thought the same the last of times I saw him in action. If you wanted to really get Fauci you would use every argument going.

  5. @Sam P You’ve hit the nail on the head. I believe there are many created oppositions giving people a false sense of hope, even here in SA. People don’t realise just how vast and organised the global satanic movement is and has been for a long time,deeply entrenched in all institutions, too powerful for ordinary people to combat in a secular sense. Yet we find comfort in the biblical words ” The meek shall inherit the earth”. So try as they may, in their final desperate attempt to survive, their attempts are futile.

  6. This evil man’s eyes are dead in his face, no emotion. Already trans-human I guess!

  7. Kopskoot…dis al wat gaan help.
    Dawid het vir Goliat met ‘n slingervel en ‘n paar klippies uitgevat.
    Moet ons nie dieselfde doen nie?
    Hulle kom teen ons met chemiese en biologiese wapens maar ons sal die oorwinning behaal in die Naam vd Here Jesus Christus!

  8. @ Sam P:
    A lesson I have learned, if your are in the public eye as a ‘public servant’, you are most probably sold out in some manner. No-one gets airtime without some sort compromise which will further an underlying agenda of Lucifer. Including negative airtime, as this sometimes serves a purpose too: to strengthen resolve amongst viewers for instance)


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