1. Business that have mandates, such as masks, socialist distancing, then they are asking for trouble. This is a war! You are stupid to have mandates! You are asking for your own death! Please, put the names up of these business owners and school masters! Better, give their address too! This is a war! We have to protest and fight this war! Please, just post their names all over the internet.

  2. Hey Doctor Rapiti, you are the Golden voice for the evil war, and thank you that you stand up and spreading the truth out to the world. Thank you it was a very strong message for people who think they know everything.

  3. @ Jakes:
    Dit gaan goed Jakes dankie … Met roomys 😊 en chocs en dalk keer die wereld terug na normaal na die 2jaar se “pandemie”

  4. @ ALTA:
    Moet nie te gou bly raak nie. Hulle gaan terug slaan met ander tipe polisie staat. Jy sien mos hoe het RAMA ons land al uitverkoop en tot ‘n Fabriek wat opgerig is deur skewe oé, hulle is besig met ander propoganda.

  5. only Lord God Almighty can help those who call upon His Holy name,no human can help us, when we pray to God almighty he releases his angles

  6. @ Jakes:
    EK stem volkome saam met jou, ek glo ook rama… gaan kom met nuwe stories.. ai as dit net alles weer wil regkom


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