1. “Doctor” Bill Gates:)

    He is a sad case of mentally ill!

    Watch out for the vaccines that are being given to cows now. You are what you eat. Source food that you is ethically grown/raised.

    PLEASE start your own veggie garden if you have not yet done so.

    There are insane people that are DICKtating policies!!!

  2. We need to bomb the US biolabs within our own country in South Africa as Russia has done there by them. For those who want to get tested, they will make you positive and then kill you in hospital. These murderers need to get lynched.

  3. Dr Rappiti there are doctors with common sense and others with little common sense.
    Any person who takes a booster puts themself more at risk from the jab than covid.

  4. Dr. Rapiti these brilliant experts who have a combined I.Q. of less than zero will never learn…you don’t learn stupid

    you are born stupid. Keep up the good fight. This evil will be destroyed

  5. Prof. Tulio d’Oliveira heralds from Brazil. As far as I know he is an epidemiologist being responsible for the algorithms for the models which are fed with the DATA from the fraudulent rtPCR and other CoVID19 (SARS-CoV2) test protocols. The Professor made is appearance on the South African stage with the announcement of the CoVID pandemic in South Africa, sharing the stage with Prof. Abdool Karim. It was primarily these two individuals whom together with the media and politicians steered the narrative in South Africa.


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