1. The masks are the New World Order’s sign of submission. That’s all that they are. What I find fascinating, is masks were started to be worn in China first even before “Covid” happened. Then “Covid” came and China “locked down” first and placed draconian measures on their population first. Then suddenly the entire world followed suit in the most irrational manner according to our “Western” values. It really seems to me China is the forerunner of the Globalist Elites agendas. They test their plots out on the Chinese people, because of the tyranny already in that country, before unleashing on the rest of the world. Obviously to test the water and to see people’s reactions to it. And now we have seen what is happening in Shanghai. I think if you are living in a city, it would be advisable to maybe start looking to move. The South African government has also invested millions into drone technology. Just like in Shanghai they have drones, flying among the high-rises and on the streets, telling the people in that city to “control the soul’s desire for freedom” while they are starving to death. I’m not making this up, you can google it if you like.

  2. The specimens are collected using the proprietary test kits, this is an invasive procedure devised to cause intentional harm to cause flu-like symptoms or a respiratory infection that can be misconstrued as a Coronavirus-like infection. When the pandemic was first announced there was a great deal of emphasis on getting oneself tested. The testing for something that does not exist in Nature generated the FALSE data which fed the epidemiological models to justify the measures of Governments.
    Businesses have been co-opted by Government and possibly other agencies to implement stringent mandates including perpetual testing and encouraging vaccinations (not vaccines).
    The rtPCR assay relies on a PRIMER sequence of nucleotides and a terminating nucleotide sequence. What gets amplified are the primer and the nucleotides between it and the terminating sequence. It is assumed that the nucleotides between the primer and terminating sequence are of viral origin. I doubt this is established during a routine diagnosis using an analyser. Moreover, why have they not standardised on non-invasive specimens like URINE. Urine is sterile with far fewer contaminants than any of the other invasively obtained specimens.
    Thus, the reason for the testing with a proprietary test kit and using a fraudulent rtPCR test protocol was to cause respiratory injury ina as many people as possible to produce the many ill patients convinced of their CoVID positive status. The false narrative would give impetus to the envisaged Global economic reset, a Western Fascist hegemony.
    A surgical mask was never created to prevent infection. A surgical mask was used to apply Ether to sedate a patient. A physician might wear a mask to prevent gagging when confronted by foul odours and as a courtesy to prevent their breath from irritating a patient. Debridement, certain poltices and antibiotics fight infection, never a mask.

  3. i said from the start ===how can a thin cloth mask prevent one from breathing in a virus,,, some masks are thinner than a woman stocking, toilet paper is thicker, I’ve always tried not to wear a mask, same as DR says about sanitiser,, I cannot see how a squirt of a so-called sanitiser on ones hand can stop or prevent the spreading the virus, at some supermarkets squirt a small amount,,for what,, to prevent what spreading

  4. How I wish I had Dr. Rapiti as my practioner! Another problem with wearing facemasks is the reduction of peripheral vision which from personal experience led to several falls. I attest that I’ve worn a facemask in compliance with the law here in England. It made no difference to me getting Covid which was like a bad flu and which I got over in under 10 days with regular medication, vitamin C and zinc and intermittent fasting, just taking water. My sense of taste and smell returned after about 2 weeks.

  5. Masks causes pneumonia! There is no virus and there never was a virus!

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