1. Dear Dr. Rapiti,

    How many patients in your practice presenting with CoV/flu-like symptoms are vaccinated or medicated? What is the age group? How have their diets been affected by lockdowns/unemployment?

    The sore throat would usually be a symptom of secondary Bacterial (or fungi/yeast) infection. What is the incidence of bacterial infection in association with CoV/flu-like symptoms?

    Finally, how do the pathology laboratories determine the presence of a NEW strain when performing automated ROUTINE diagnostic assays? Surely, genetic sequencing is impossible since the specimens are highly contaminated, undergo no purification nor do they isolate the viral particle?

    Please have one of the prominent Pathology practices explain their protocols in detail.
    Most important!

  2. … I forgot to include the following in my message to Dr, Rapiti,

    How many of your patients (with CoV/flu-like symptoms) are complying with the mask mandate?

    Annecdote: A friend, a single parent of one child, is obliged to wear a medical mask for work purposes. Her child is required to wear a medical mask at school except during lunch break. Both took the J&J. The mother is dbl boosted and the staff are randomly tested swab and blood specimens. Both have been received positive results for CoV after their inoculations. A month following her last booster the mother experienced a tingling sensation at the corner of her mouth, this was confirmed to be bals palsy. Her child is at home ill complaining of sinusitis and a headache. Yet, both are convinced their problems are due to a Coronavirus infection.

    I posit that none of their symptoms would have presented had they not been subjected to routine testing, had not taken the inoculation and had not worn a medical mask.

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