1. The most superior HEPA air filter standard cannot remove particles the size of a virus from a gas like air.
    Laboratory staff when working with hazardous material including microbes employ various strategies to prevent themselves and others from contamination.
    1. The laboratory must meet certain approved biohazard standards.
    2. Laminar flow cabinets and sealed containment cubicles.
    3. Temperature regulation, freezers and fridges.
    4. Protocols for culturing and handling various specimens.
    5. Ventilated Biohazard suits.
    6. Positive flow face masks covering the whole face or head.
    7. UV radiation, acetone, alcohol or other viricidal or microcidal chemicals.

    The Coronavirus spp. is sensitive to OXYGEN, a change pH, a change in Temperature as well as exposure to uv-radiation. Not exactly, the sort of thing that should be ranked highly on any list of contagions. The only subjects that ought to receive treatment are those who arrive in an emergency ward with SEVERE Coronavirus-like symptoms. The rtPCR molecular assay could then be done together with a holistic laboratory and medical examination as an additional (not the only) measure to improve the diagnosis of possible Coronavirus spp. infection.
    If the subject is identified as possibly having Coronavirus, treat the subject for fluids in the lungs (SARS), elevate body temperature, give enriched air with oxygen. Monitor for secondary bacterial infection. imho.
    The existence of Coronavirus spp. has been contentious since at least the 1990’s because the particle could not be grown in culture in the laboratory and its morphology resembled episomal material (cellular vesicles).

  2. Fauci has a point here….The earth used to be flat according to the science of the vatican in the dark ages and that was the scientific truth at that time and then they changed the story when it suited them……just Fauci is up against better science and scientists nowadays, but like the powers of the vatican, the powers of the nwo now can change the scientific truth ‘framework’ to suit them and if you become a stumbling block in their way, you may be removed by manipulated laws of a democracy or totalitarian laws of extreme governments. Science is thus in the hands of the global controllers.

  3. Fauci is a total bs artist and is totally responsible for covid and should be on death row.

  4. BS Berty doesnt tell BS5 is on the way out and could be gone by the time their new killer vax comes out and then wont work at all ,like the vax at the moment it doesnt work on the BA5.Scam artist.

  5. Not sure if anyone knows this, but the Hill interviewed Fauci and they didn’t allow Kim Iversen to interview him. I personally think she is still a proper journalist, yet, the Hill avoided using her. I therefore unsubscribed from the Hill. Here is Kim’s video abut this… and I think it would have gone much different for Fuaci, if she was allowed…

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