1. Residents need to conserve water in their homes. No more watering the garden and fruit trees.Use your urine. Use a Long Drop in the backyard.If you do not own a longdrop , go to your nearest KFC or Maccas. Do not wash your vehicles at home, just drive down to the seaside and get the sea spray to do its thing. Only do your washing once a fortnight in sea water. Sea water is good for washing dishes as the salt is a good antiseptic. Get water tanks for your house. Hopefully this will be of some help to Port Elizabeth residents.

  2. I would only take a bath once a week and water my garden if it food. And at night is better .. Pray for the world right now it’s not going to get better

  3. How come all these problems such as water shortages seem to be happening under black municipal and national government, prior to 94 im sure water was readily available and of reasonable quality, but that was when whites ran SA of course.

  4. @ Shane Pengelly:
    Ssshhhhh you are not supposed to say that. Even though it is true. some will say you are racist. My Dad always said that wherever the Blacks take over, it turns to custard. I guess he would be called a racist for telling the truth.

  5. @ TonyNZ:
    Yep i must be a racist Tony after all i keep saying that the blacks running SA are greedy,incompetent and clueless , if i wasn’t a racist i would be saying that SAs now a fantastic country with the blacks in charge.

  6. @ TonyNZ:


    The majority of the world knows it because even the dumbest of the dumb among the illiterates out there can see what’s going on. But no-one will admit it because “Racist” or anything along these lines is an unfitting generic that covers everything our woke, p.c. society considers ‘Bad’ according to their own codex of ethics.

    It is totally immaterial wether it has to do with real race-related matters or not.

  7. @ Shane Pengelly:
    When you judge someone by the colour of their skin, you are a racist. There is nothing woke about that fact,

    When an individual is a stupid moron that accomplishes nothing, just say so…

    You are dumb to think this is about skin.

  8. @ Viv:
    Well theres the dumb and then theres the dumber Viv , only the stupid and biased could fail to see what black govt has meant to SA and Zim you dummy.

  9. @ Shane Pengelly:
    Then you are as moronic as Biden. After all, you are the same skin colour. Clearly you think that this is a superior white man doing a fantastic job.

    If you would like to defend yourself, then do so. You are a racist, and a fool to believe as you do.

  10. @ Viv:
    Its not racist to to point out that the transition from white to black govt in Sa and Zim has been a disaster, because thats the truth, dummy.

  11. @ Shane Pengelly:
    The transition was to a global criminal cabal. Stop your racism and get with the real facts.

  12. @ Viv: Sa and Zim have both been trashed by black govt ,thats the truth, how am i a racist for telling the truth, how about BBE, BBBEE, AA EWC for racism, if you want to find racists look at the poiticians advocating these racist laws and might i say also the huge no of people supporting these racist measures.

  13. Water rationing is Unconstitutional
    and a dumb idea!

    The ANC will steal all your water.

    This is a crime against humanity.

    Water is free!

  14. @ TonyNZ:

    There is over enough water in this world!

    This world is made of 2/3 water!

    The ANC are dumb people.

    They have stolen our land and now they are stealing all the water from the people!

  15. @ Cin Coy:
    There is over enough water in this world. No need to do that.

    Their plan is to kill humanity!

  16. @ Shane Pengelly:
    Yes, the ANC are dumb people!

    But there is also an agenda to kill 90% of the population in South Africa!

    So they will steal your land, electricity and now water, all to make you suffer!


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