1. With all this evidence around people are still going willingly to get vaccinated….wake up please…you ARE COMMITTING

    SUICIDE…and remember that does not sit well with Our Creator.

  2. Kilimanjaro wrote:

    Scientists “baffled” again. Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and covid has practically disappeared
 scientists “baffled”
    Most highly vaccinated countries are where the real problems are now! (Might there be a correlation?) [sarc]


    its because our immune system has not been compromised,us who watch this channel know its no vaccine,its a deadly drug, ive sat and thought so many times how did this channel come on my youtube back in 2020 already, was Gods plan,

  3. I worry for my wprk colleagues who all had their various jabs. Neither my sister nor I have had any. Even a 1% risk is too much. Who want to play ‘Russian Roulette’ with their health ?


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