1. just like idi amin 1972. blame others loot kill .terrorists plain and simple

  2. What is up with these idiots??? If they’re not trying to burn down a school house somewhere, they are beating up old people in a nursing home. Why don’t they pick on people their own sizes.

  3. They are nothing else but filled with evil and full up with demons. We need to pray in all earnesty for God to intervene..
    No weapon that the enemy forms shall prosper against me, nor my family.
    That could also be used in prayer for our neighbours, our community, our country etc.

  4. SA is ready for takeover, partially or in full, by anyone who can organise enough riots. There is no shortage of struggling blacks who are very eager for a positive change in their lives and have nothing to lose. They will follow any baboon or the devil himself. The White Monopoly Capital and the Overlords Overseas are already planning to break SA up into a few small countries that they can control better with their puppets, so the ANC/EFF [Black cats/Red Cockroaches] will not be a problem anymore. If the Cape breaks away now, the Police and the military will not be able to stop them. Get your Passbooks ready.

  5. @ Edward Barlow:

    That’s a fantastic idea. Break South Africa up into many smaller countries, that way I can still vote for the Cape Party and I could vote for the ULA. Naturally I’d have to move to the West of the country, but I’ll be happy.

  6. @ Edward Barlow:
    YOU SAID: “SA is ready for takeover, partially or in full, by anyone who can organize enough riots.”

    Don’t put ideas into the enemy’s head. Stay focused – there are evil-doers around every corner who is watching every move we make.

    I trust that you did not mean that the whites must organize riots to be able to take over the country. If you destroy something, what is there then to ” take over”?
    Anyway, I am not ready to riot or looting anything. Call me a coward but that is just not in my nature to destroy things just to get the upper hand.
    Sorry if I misunderstood what you were trying to point out.


    It’s not in the white man’s nature at all to loot and destroy infrastructure especially. I think @ Edward Barlow: was referring to the anti-anc blacks standing up against the anc, the decent black man who just wants security and peace.

    27 years of so called democracy and we still have the likes of julius malema calling white people “bastards”.
    He is a true dictator and black people love dictators, hence the reason they imported Cuban doctors.


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