1. Any Group with “Fighters” in their name are terrorist.
    Even if they call themselves Economic Freedom Friends, I will still not trust them.
    I hate the red color – it reminds me of communists, like China, Korea, and Russia.

  2. I fell off my chair laughing at the guy in the beginning who said the EFF has marched hundreds of times in the last 8 years and never had a single incident of violence. He stated that the EFF was there to mind their own business, but they are known for their terrorism, murder, sabotage, destruction, theft and violence.

    So let me see if I understand this – In 1994 the world hated white South Africans because of skin color segregation?
    What does the world say now since Indians are also dark skinned?

    I need to say this again:


  3. More than 300 Blacks died in black on black violence since Jacob Zuma was sent to jail. Have the murderers been arrested?
    Who is marching for those people that died? Who is protesting those death? I thought that black lives matter. By shifting all the attention on the Indians of Phoenix, attention is taken off the real culprits who brought this country to its knees.
    The president said the government will go after the insurrectionists,yet to date no one has been arrested. Phoenix is a side issue, the EFF is pissed off because the Indians stood up and they will continue to put attention on the Indians and in so doing cover up for the real insurrectionists who are the leadership of the EFF.

  4. eff are terrorists who worship the like of lumumba the war monger 1961 .any group who do not like crime or their shops looted or community attacked or farm attacked . the eff anc and all roaches come to attack them. they are planning horrid things to be done by nameless groups called unidentified criminals . the indians are on the hit list . i said years ago this would happen. idi amin 1972 targetted the hard working communities of Uganda . glad we left s a .s a today was planned in the commie terror camps 60 years ago.

  5. The EFF protests of 5 August 2021 enjoyed a very heavy SAPS and SANDF presence. I am convinced that had it not been for the heavy SAPS and SANDF presence, the march would have almost certainly turned violent. The EFF march was provocative towards the Phoenix community and served to taunt and threaten the Phoenix community, which was uncalled for and undeserved. Those Indian and White gentlemen who defended their communities in the earlier riots defended SA’s constitution, democracy and economy from what many will agree was an attempted coup. Malignant narcissistic political leaders abused the poverty and frustration of the black masses to commit large scale and devastating industrial sabotage against the SA economy, whilst simultaneously embarking on a campaign of racism and hatred against the minorities and also trying to take over political power in the country and possibly causing civil war in the process. I salute those Indian and White gentlemen who defended our economy, freedom and democracy and I am of the opinion that they should all be awarded medals for their bravery. It is my opinion that the real reason why SA finds itself in the mess we are today is because of the ANC economic policies of BEE, kakistocracy, cadre deployment and cronyism, which have systematically debilitated SA’s government departments as well as the economy as a whole. BEE has resulted in a worsening of the disparity between the super rich minority and the extremely poor majority, who are mostly black people, whilst simultaneously eroding away the middle class. It has resulted in very many, very poor, very hungry and very frustrated predominantly black people who are volatile to being ignited into violence by self serving political leaders. South Africa will continue to become more and more violent unless the ANC is able to reduce the poverty of the masses and the only way to do that is to end BEE and it’s associated disastrous economic policies. The EFF should rather use their political influence to end BEE and its associated disastrous economic policies instead of stirring up the masses into violence, racism, economic industrial sabotage, attempted coups, looting, pillaging and possible civil war.

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