1. If they can change our dna to there liking and claim ownership of that new patent (humanoid slave), and they link you to the cloud, then you become a disposable, tradeable item. For now it seems that the carbon oxide is causing blood clots, being magnetic and sticking to magnets and 5G frequencies can be used to exterminate you when needed. Already pilots are dying flying high at higher radiation levels where radiation is causing the blood clots. (so with passengers). Going for an x-ray or the dentist can kill you.
    Taking in more sugar (carbon) can worsen your problem with the vaccine by overloading your body with toxic carbon. 5G is suppose to be the magic link, but that will also be our link to extreme slavery and being controlled and to death if you malfunction.

  2. @ sirme williams:
    Dentists may refuse to treat magnetic carbonised vaccinated patients, because patients may die in the chair. So be prepared to have your teeth pulled by a mechanic with a set of pliers…haha . People should have waited the ten year testing period for these vaccines. Why did they make themselves available for experiments at own risk?. If I were a small child now and my parents were to allow these experiments on me, I would never forgive them.

  3. These scientists can make all these AI robots and stuff that cost billions and billions of dollars but still could not find a cure for cancer.

    Who do they think GOD is??????????

  4. All the money in the world, to feed the hungry, but instead he chooses this nonsens in the hopes of getting even more rich, when is it ever going to be enough for these billionaires, or is all the money making them bat crazy!!?

  5. Evil abound and becoming worse by the day. What a time to live in. So very sorry for the younger generations

  6. Ok, so I’ve posted this video on Facebook and Pinterest, Whatsapp and Linkedin, to rest and infiltrate the cloud for a while.
    The impact in the long run would be interesting to see.
    Without the human mind AI would not exist.

  7. Wow. Siener was right about you would never dream of the Technology they have. Jesus please it’s time. I pray to you to stop this crazy world.

    The cure for cancer is hidden by the nwo gang and the people knowing the cure, are silenced in many ways. Cancer allows the big pharma to become the real rulers of the world by the income it generates.

  9. I’ve had my eye on Neuralink for the past 4 years now. Nothing good will come from this. It may use the propoganda of healing blindness, but in the end it will be used for evil

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