1. i listened to RSG radio in South Africa station on Friday about that story in which a person said that if your employer forces you to get a vaccine and it causes adverse effects you can force them to compensate you —that is why al company are caught in a rock and a hard place===== they are forced to ensure all employees are kept safe but if they force you to get the vaccine they then again liable for all your medical expenses .

  2. Latest trend companies are offering employees a financial reward to get vaccinated.

  3. Ive just checked the NZ govt stats on vaxx rates , over 87% have apparently had at least one jab. But they have lied about the actual covid virus { never been identified scientifically in a lab } they have lied about the so called covid cases because the pcr tests are meaningless, therefore there are no covid cases except the made up hoax ones, so im 100 % certain they are lying re the vaxx stats , no vaxx mandates would be necessary if the vaxx nos were that high, my brother can’t understand how people are believing all the bs but as i said to him the bs is coming from the Govt, media, and medical Drs and people simply assume they are to be trusted, Big Mistake.

  4. @ TonyNZ:
    Yep when people do naughty things , their body language gives them away. Tony i suspect most NZers have had placebo jabs at this stage, what do you reckon?

  5. Thank you for this. I hope it will apply to the Universities as well. Not sure how that would work for a Medical Student who has to start with Hospital Rounds from next year. University issued an email to all Medical Faculty Students. So many have already taken the jab it’s terrifying. Some are still holding out but peers pressure is strong. Who will take responsibility for these Students should they suffer adverse effects or even die? Not to mention the fact of the debatable topic of the shedding of the Spike Protein. Eagerly await Schalk’s follow up.

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