1. Isn’t ìt kind of a moot issue as they don’t have enough vaccines for all adults mind kids. ☹️☹️☹️

  2. The so-called expert can use her grandchildren as lab rats.

    I can’t understand how any parent can volunteer their child as a lab rat.

  3. individual,educated thinking apparently absent and dangerous if out there on TV screens because it reaches other non-thinkers and blind followers…. of the vax campaign….; horrible… one thinks they did not reach further than standard… 3 or so…otherwise one cant explain this stupidity… sorry to say…

  4. what parent in their right mind will allow this. those parents has no love or respect for their kids how the hell can you use your kids as rat in a trail drug experiment. Soon they will cry cos their kids suffer severe side affects.

  5. In my personal opinion i might be wrong its just a theory covid was design to reduce the number of people in the world that didnt work as plan as 90% recovered from it now they pushing and demanding people to take a trail based vaccine to finish the failed covid job. Because why the hell are the government so pushy for us to take the vaccine unless they are getting paid and those shots that they get infront of the media is not the vaccine but just the normal flu shot to bullshit the world that its safe to take this trail drug

    Just saying

  6. SAHPRA won’t allow the over the counter use of Ivermectin and HCQ, yet they allow an experimental jab that has already caused death and illness. Probably because of the gates (of hell) funding. I hope they’re is a special place in hell for these people.

  7. @ usmom750:
    That’s interesting because in America a lot of the vaccines are expiring before use because of lack of demand.

  8. All the news stations in SA at least, that supports the vaccine program, must prove to everybody that they are convinced that the news they spread is scientific and based on the experts opinions that they received the information from AND THOSE SOURCES AND NAMES must be attached to a document under their letterhead and signed by each and everybody on their staff. That goes for the SABC also. Then the truth will come out and the public can compare facts with “facts”. If they have absolute confidence in ‘their truth’ then they will not have ANY PROBLEM with such a ruling. In fact they should push for such a ruling by all means. But failing to do so will prove they are chicken.


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