1. hes going to be the hanswors in a jail in some time. needs locking up in cell till he stops talking sh8tt and stealing.

  2. White people created all the wealth in SA, its historical fact that whites create first world countries. In 94 another people were given access to the money and ever since its been a feeding frenzy featuring greed, corruption and nepotism, so lets give a big thanks to all the white left wing liberals that made it all possible, THANKYOU LIBERAL SCUM, thanks for nothing.

  3. if anyone goes outside your scope of work its illegal to do it, you can be charged,its a world wide rule, if u go outside your scope of work shows u did something so be charged, so u should not be paid any money

  4. Now you know why the countries in a total mess multiple ANC looters are like him.

  5. When you work for a company you have to do good work for the company and the huge salary in his case is already paying for work done. To claim you have done extra good work is a way to enrich yourself at the expense of others. Any corporation or business linked to the government and municipalities and administration of the COUNTRY, should not receive any bonuses at all as to avoid corruption. You get a good salary and that is it. If you are in government, and planning the progress of a country from your position of power, then you should have the ability to plan your personal expenses per year as to survive and in his case a salary that was over a million or so per year, was ample to allow for a good life. If you want to receive bonuses —go and work for companies outside of government or municipalities.

  6. “I have eaten that money, its a fact”. This man represents all that is wrong in South Africa, the fact that he made it to the position of COO of the SABC is downright scary. Thank goodness I no longer live in that mess. BEE was the push I needed to leave Cape Town.


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