1. I …… swear that i will fleece as much cash out my municipality as is humanly possible, and will perform all my functions in the best interests of myself which means that ill be sitting on my backside doing nothing except accepting my unearned salary every fortnight.

  2. yes that is reason why the country its in the state it is,, these people then go to parliament and get fatter and fatter, they earn hundreds of thousands of rands a month and then still steal more through tender fraud, how does she know to switch on a computer and run a budget,

  3. OK so that explains why there is NO accountability as the members doesn’t agree to anything as this “oath” proves…

  4. Criminal retards ..cant even build a town or city in 27 years . they just steal and rename what they hijack. like a car thief who puts number plates on his hijacked car.

  5. no,, as the people in the squatter camps decide whos name goes on the voting list,, thy get nominated by the black people in the townships,, why do you think there was so mush unhappiness just before the election when the voting list came out and other ANC ward Councillors names were put on the voting list ,, as ANC decide whos names go onto the voters list,,

  6. who remembers the old saying—wood-head wood-head who created/made you 3 🙈🙉🙊and 1 🐑and a half 🐑,when translated into Afrikaans,,one dusnt hear that old saying anymore

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