1. A lone example of the Advancing National Corruption (ANC) fully supported by the ANC… Oh! They’re essentially one and the same.

  2. The black CEOs weren’t capable of putting a stop to the tenderprenuer thieves ? or perhaps they were getting a cut from their ANC comrades, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was just total incompetence on the part of the former CEOs, the black CEOs.

  3. ANC now fund raising to pay salaries. Bet it will be used for other agendas. Also one has to ask about decoration of funds source. What’s SARS saying about this?

  4. The people in the local township rioted recently because of the ridiculous increases in our electricity bills. The electricity portion of my municipal was almost three times as much as the sewerage, rates, water and refuse portions put together. That’s for 750 kW! It’s a good job that I get a pensioner’s rebate on the latter portions. A certain company in our town that previously paid an average of R6,000 for power monthly were suddenly hit with a R20,000 bill for the same last month! They cannot understand why it’s THAT much! I take my hat off to de Ruyter for being so courageous about tackling the corruption rot.


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