1. soon there will be nothing to loot of interest and they will group and attack each other just for food or fuel.

  2. I hope this tempo escalates so that one destroys the other . We dont need such stupid juvenile delinquents who , supposedly have education, but, are too stupid and blind to see that their own political leaders have sucked the state so dry that is has become anaemic and is dying. They have my full support to continue moering each other if they are that stupid , and Im sure the politicians are laughing at them. It keeps them busy anyway since they havent learnt much.

  3. Thank goodness that there are so many different tribes in this country who are natural enemies. If they don’t have a common enemy then they will turn on each other. The sooner the better

  4. There will be no pleasant outcome in the future. People with logic should be preparing for a very uncertain and troubling future.


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