1. My goodness, Sodom and Gomorrah would have been less corrupt than our modern states as the plandemic is proving, and we know what happened to Lots hometown, the balls of sulphur are still there, embedded in the ruined structures of those ancient cities.

  2. A total bunch of scam artists these lot …..involved in Pfzer,how can this carry on ,conflict of interest….disgusting scam artists.

  3. I think you shold have a good legal case if your dna is been recorded without your consent. That should be a privilege for the criminals only.

  4. It is illegal to harvest dna from people without their specific consent. Dr David Martin also researched the names of individuals connected to the vaccine scam and companies involved and some more connections may be found connected to these two traitors. Fauci is the first domino to fall soon and the rest will follow unless they can unleash a WW3 to prevent investigations. https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/11/stew-peters-show-faucis-5-felonies-exposed-congress-must-act-end-eua-pharma-immunity-video-3761699.html This article may scare the two traitors here to resign immediately. Once a felony conviction is obtained connected to the vaccine scam, then all responsibility will fall back upon the criminals with no government protection. This scam must be stopped soon because the spike protein may be included in food types or say even animal or chicken feed and you take it in via eggs or eating ‘contaminated’ food. Where will it end…?…probably only if we are all dead…..

  5. These two hags should be the first residents of the Wellness Camp in Toowoomba.

  6. the problem is that so many people believe that its a vaccine and are turning against the UN-vaccinated,,

  7. The people hear but they dont hear….they see but they dont see…Runing like sheep following each other to and even brag they received there jabs…and deep inside their harts when they eventually see their mistake and know what was going in cant be taken out of their bodies they get jealous on the unvaccinated people and pick on them…

  8. I believe that this is the mother of all cases for our friends in the Australian Federal Police service to solve.
    You will be crowned the heros of the whole world!

  9. Marlena de Villiers wrote:

    Evil pieces of sh1t

    Watch your language, Marlena. 😉🤨

    Were those photos doctored? They’re trying very hard to look like the witches of Queensland. Someone should tell them the population is already convinced, so they needn’t try so hard.

  10. anthonygermany wrote:

    the problem is that so many people believe that its a vaccine and are turning against the UN-vaccinated,,

    I wouldn’t entirely blame the vaccinated people; they’ve merely been hoodwinked by the drug pushers working for Big Pharma, though in this context, I’m not referring to employees and I accept that some of the drug pushers are equally thoroughly hoodwinked and probably also vaccinated.

    Rightly or wrongly, I speak to both vaccinated and unvaccinated. As can probably be expected, more and more unvaccinated have already made their own decision against vaccination. I recommend to the vaccinated that they go for a D-dimer test to look for signs of clotting and take heart that some doctors and others are working on treatment to manage vaccine blood damage. Somehow, we need to break through the thick skulls of our politicians, even those that know they’re killing their citizens. Do the latter just have thicker skins than skulls?


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